The Walking Dead – S05E10, S05E11, S05E12, S05E13

Once again, I fell behind – after I literally fell down a flight of brick stairs. I’m okay (bruised, but not broken). I’m on the mend and finally feeling up to tackling the bleakness that my beloved show has become. Rather than recap the entirety of the last few episodes …

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The Walking Dead – Coda (S05E08)

There were so many “Holy shit!” moments in season 5’s mid-season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, that when we hit the last ten minutes, I couldn’t imagine what was going to happen next. I had my suspicions, especially when I read an interview with our brave archer, Daryl (Norman …

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The Walking Dead – Slabtown (S05E04)

Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to “Slabtown.” It has nothing to do with Beth, played very ably by the sweet Emily Kinney. It had more to do with the fact that I knew the bulk of our group wasn’t going to be in the episode, and I didn’t know if …

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The Walking Dead – Strangers (S05E02)

Tyreese, Tyreese, Tyreese. The Big Man (Chad L. Coleman) is easily one of my favorite characters. He’s like a younger Santa, or he has that look anyway. Then again, when he’s pissed, he gets shit done. But something broke along the way. As I mentioned last week, I think we …

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The Walking Dead – No Sanctuary (S05E01)

The Walking Dead

“Yeah, they did!” I could post that and only that, and it would sum up the debut, “No Sanctuary,” of the long-awaited Season 5 of The Walking Dead. It refers to Rick’s much repeated, and criticized, line at the end of last season: “They’re screwing with the wrong people!” Now, …

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Penny Dreadful – Grand Guignol (S01E08)

As is usually the case with Penny Dreadful, I had a few questions that I was hoping would get answered in this final episode of the season: 1) Will we get to see Dorian’s painting? 2) Will the horrible murders from the beginning of the season be addressed/revisited? 3) What …

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