When Daryl Dixon Met Lucille

Daryl & Lucille

Will Daryl Dixon meet the business end of Lucille? Before I get started let me clarify something. NO, this is NOT an official image and it wasn’t leaked. This is 100% Photoshopped. It was posted to a horror group I belong to on Facebook.  (EDIT: Image originally posted to All …

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The Walking Dead – JSS (S06E02)

“Ok, what the hell does that mean?” I asked The Husband, who does not always appreciate my (very) witty commentary. But after seeing Enid, played by Katelyn Nacon with a quiet intensity, write those three letters (JSS) for the fourth time, I just wanted to know. And we finally got …

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The Walking Dead – First Time Again (S06E01)

Not only is AMC’s The Walking Dead back, but so am I! They keep knocking me down, and I keep crawling back. I’m not really sure who keeps knocking me down… I suppose just life in general. But just like our band of zombie killers, we can’t let chaos stop …

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Ash Vs. Evil Dead Official Trailer Released

Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Comic Con is the time of year when studios and television stations release info and footage of their upcoming projects. It’s become more about these reveals and cosplaying than comics these days (another post for another time). And just like AMC did with The Walking Dead, Starz took the opportunity …

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Hannibal Returns Bigger and Bloodier Than Ever

Hannibal Season 3 June 4

When the season two finale of “Hannibal” aired last year, it was Bryan Fuller’s televisual equivalent of a mic drop. It was frankly, one of the best episodes of television ever created, a slow-motion excursion into horror, a perfect crash of all the events from the first two seasons. And …

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The Walking Dead – Conquer (S05E16)

Well, looks like I’ll be watching the next season of AMC’s The Walking Dead! If you read my previous recap, you know what that means – MORGAN! I’ve been a fan of the so-cool-without-even-trying Lennie James since Jericho. (You haven’t seen it? You need to. Awesome show!) There’s just something …

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The Walking Dead – Try (S05E15)

I have good reason that this recap of season 5 episode 15 of AMC’s The Walking Dead is coming out on a Wednesday. I fell asleep from the snoozefest that was “Try.” And I just now bothered to wake up… Ok, seriously. It wasn’t HORRIBLE, but this is the episode …

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The Walking Dead – Spend (S05E14)

I’ll just come right out and say it: WHAT THE FECKIN’ SHITE??!! If you can’t tell, I’m getting pretty frustrated with this show. Where the hell is the silver lining in all this chaos? Let’s dive in… Note: I’m pissed, so you bet your ass there are spoilers throughout this …

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