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2015 Upcoming Horror Films

Predicting what horror films will take us by storm is a difficult task.  Four of the best films of 2014 (Afflicted, The Babadook, Starry Eyes, and The Taking of Deborah Logan) were on nobody’s lists last year at this time.  Release dates change or projects falter.  When I look back at my list from …

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Eerie Horror Film Festival Announces Semi Finalists

Eerie Horror Film Festival

Just a few months ago, Scaretissue.com announced its sponsorship of the Eerie Horror Film Festival (October 17-19, Erie, Pa).  The festival debuted in 2004, and has been named one of 13 horror film festivals to die for (2011, Movie Maker Magazine).  Well, festival time is quickly approaching.  Special guests have been invited, …

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