June 2, 2023

More to Come: 2014 Upcoming Horror Films (Updated 5/12/14)

ScareTissue LogoAs my schedule begins to lighten up, I find myself going back and reading some of our past articles here.  One of my favorite posts to compile was our 2014 upcoming horror films.

Well, now that it’s 5 months old, it is horribly outdated.  It’s amazing to me how quickly films appear out of nowhere, and how many releases there really are each month.  I missed quite a few, and many others have just been announced.  My goal with the first article was to assemble a comprehensive list, and the plans are still there.  It’s just going to be much bigger than what I thought.  Directors/film makers…If I missed your film, don’t freak out.  Contact us.  We’ll get it on here.  Fans… email me or comment below if you see a glaring omission.

First of all, I’d like to point out some reviews we did of films that we did account for on our list in 2014.  Most of the upcoming films are linked to their IMDB pages (when available).

WHAT WE MISSED:  Apocalypse Kiss, AfflictedScream ParkFreezerGrand PianoHazmatRabid LoveLucky BastardDark HousePro Wrestlers vs. ZombiesFavorProxyStarry Eyes

My personal favorite film film so far is Afflicted (although I did enjoy PA: The Marked Ones as well).  Both felt the similar in in tone, but PA just fell apart at the end for me.  There are some very good films we did not account for, and I’m sure there will be more following this list.  Horror films are like their subjects:  They sneak up on you, and it’s not the ones that you expect that get you.  It’s the ones you don’t see coming.

May:  GodzillaThe FarmReturn to Nuke ‘em High Wolf Creek 2Stage FrightBlood GlacierDelivery: The Beast WithinAxemanP.O.E Project of EvilHouse of DustMr. JonesMischief NightWay of the WickedAnother

I could not be more excited for Godzilla, but May is a great month for horror.  Stage Fright is good, and Blood Glacier and Mr. Jones look to both be good watches.

June:  SacramentThe SignalAll Cheerleaders DieWolfcopBlood WidowGhostlightThe HouseCarne: The Taco MakerBlood WidowThe Jungle

All Cheerleaders Die is Lucky McKee’s return to horror.  May is one of the greatest horror films ever, and he is a phenomenal director.  I’m really looking forward to it.  The Sacrament and Signal look creepy good, while Carne:  The Taco Maker just looks like gruesome fun.

July:  The WindowMuckPurge: AnarchyDeliver Us from Evil (formerly Beware the Night), Sharknado 2

Muck is my choice here, but Purge: Anarchy may be one of the better films this year.  The Purge was such a wonderful idea that handled very poorly.  This looks like it may be what people wanted in the first place.

August:  JessabelleThe Unquenchable Thirst for Beau NerjooseAs Above, So BelowEaster SundaySanctuary: Quite a Conundrum, The Possession of Michael King

Quite a Conundrum has been on our radar for a while, and we’re very happy for Thomas.  Great film.  Do not miss.  Easter Sunday has one of the greatest posters I’ve seen in a while.  It looks like a lot of fun.

September:  Resident Evil 6The Green InfernoThe Maze RunnerLost TimeLive-In Fear

The Maze Runner looks very interesting to me, but RE movies are films that I tune into whenever I see them.

October:  Dracula Untold,  Paranormal Activity 5Cooties[REC] 4Fear ClinicOuijaDutch HollowThe Laughing MaskPernicious

Between Robert Hall’s effects, Robert Englund’s presence, and Corey Taylor’s buzz…I expect a lot from Fear Clinic.  Cooties still looks great, and The Laughing Mask just looks great.  And, now we have to throw Pernicious into the mix (which actually looks like it belongs more in the summer horror mix, but should still be good here).  October is shaping up wonderfully

No Official Date:  The ScribblerHoneymoonThe Last ShowingDead Snow: Red vs. DeadUteroInflictionHuman Centipede 3: The Final SequenceTuskPenance LaneAlice D.See No Evil 2Reunion

Dead Snow is out in Norway, but it hasn’t been released in the US yet.  Utero has some great concept art, and I’m seeing good things about it.  The Scribbler has one of the hottest female casts I’ve seen in a while, and Robert Englund is a demented projectionist in the Last Showing.  The Soska twins return again with See No Evil 2.  Penance Lane is still in pre-production so I doubt it will open until 2015.

Moved to 2015:  Poltergeist

Scaretissue.com is assembling a one-stop list of upcoming horror movies (Hollywood, Independent, etc.) for 2014.  If a film has been omitted on the 2014 Horror preview list, please contact us HERE.  


I love horror movies, and I have since I was young. My favorite genre is the zombie genre, but it has completely been overdone in the last few years. I'm not a big fan of the horror movie formula, and I love it when a director turns it on its head. Please follow me on twitter (@_trapjaw_) and like me on facebook (scaretissuetrapjaw) for updates and to be immediately informed of new posts/projects.

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