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The Evolution of Jason Voorhees

If you’ve ever read my stuff you know I’m a big list guy. Top Fives, Top Tens and generally anything you can discuss with a buddy sitting at a bar and I’m a fan. Recently, David from ( reached out with a few bad-ass info graphic that he’d created. I looked at the calendar and realized that we had a Friday The 13th on the horizon so I figured I’d wait to share this one today.

Check it out below and see just how much Jason Voorhees has changed from his first appearance in 1980 until his final (so far at least) appearance in the 2009 reboot.

The Evolution Of Jason Voorhees

Evolution of Jason

You can check out the original here. Special thanks to David at for passing it along. While you’re there, check out the HUGE array of bad ass costumes they’ve got! You can also follow them on Twitter @funcostumes, on Facebook or on Instagram. Give them a like and a follow and tell em ScareTissue sent you!

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