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The Evolution of Jason Voorhees

Evolution of Jason Header

If you’ve ever read my stuff you know I’m a big list guy. Top Fives, Top Tens and generally anything you can discuss with a buddy sitting at a bar and I’m a fan. Recently, David from HalloweenCostumes.com (www.halloweencostumes.com) reached out with a few bad-ass info graphic that he’d created. I looked at …

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Hazmat – A Found(ish) Footage Slasher

The horror world was abuzz in late November when Paramount announced a brand new Friday the 13th installment. Immediately, speculation on where the film would pick up (or if it would be another reboot) began. But then, like an machete to the head, we were surprised to find out that the studio was …

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Jason X (2002) – Evil Gets An Upgrade

Jason X (2002)

Horror movies come in many shapes and sizes.  There are some movies (The Shining) that are really creepy in a super natural sense and are legitimately scary.  There are others that break new ground to be scary (The Blair Witch Project, The Others, Scream) and there are other still that …

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