December 3, 2023

The New Hands (2019) – Trailer Released!

The official teaser trailer for writer/director/producer Brandon Scullion’s new horror feature, The New Hands, has dropped!

The New Hands (2019)

Best known for writing, directing and producing the multiple-award winning feature Consumption, Scullion recently wrapped principal photography on his second feature length project: The New Hands. His new film, which is based on his short of the same name, stars Best Actress Oscar Nominee and Golden Globes winner Sally Kirkland, Sleepaway Camp‘s Felissa Rose, Stephen Wu, who horror junkies will remember as the creepy Collin Mason in Edward Payson’s The Cohasset Snuff Film, and rising star Lexi Graboski.

IMDB informs us that “The New Hands tells the dark tale of Bram Victor on his phantasmagorical journey to find the perfect pair of hands, which he believes will bring his lost love back into his arms once again..” Gruesome stuff! And stuff that I can’t wait to watch! Also: extra points to those who noticed that “Bram Victor” was a combination of the names of two horror superstars: Bram Stoker and Victor Frankenstein!

But, without further ado, here’s the trailer:

Those familiar with Scullion’s Consumption will note that his trademark use of color and startling and iconic imagery is back in full force! This looks like it’s going to be a beautiful film!

The New Hands is slated for a 2019 release.

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