Reviews – 2012

The Seasoning House (2012)

The Seasoning House poster

The Brits have been knocking it out of the horror-park since the early 2000’s, beginning with films like Dog Soldiers and 28 Days Later, and running right up to recent output such as Kill List, or the slightly more accessible Woman in Black. It possibly comes down to faith in the genre …

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Where’d Ya Go? And Maniac (2012)!

Obviously my goal of 30 in 30 – 30 movies in 30 days – is falling way short. In fact, I’ve been absent for a while, but I have a good reason! The Husband and I are the proud parents of five boys, and we recently entrusted the United States …

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In The House Of Flies: Would You Survive?

In The House Of Flies

Director Gabriel Carrer and writer Angus McLellan hold back no punches in their film, In The House Of Flies. The thrill ride never stops – from the opening to the ending credits – this flick delivers! Steven (actor Ryan Kotack) and Heather ( actress Lindsay Smith) are shown as your …

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American Mary – It’s Not (That) Gory, But It’s Good

American Mary (2012)

In 1973, producer Tobe Hooper was searching for a distributor for his film Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which he also co-wrote).  Due to its violent nature, Hooper attempted to limit on screen gore to secure a ‘PG’ rating.  His attempts were unsuccessful as the MPAA gave it an ‘X’ rating for its violent …

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