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Jason Xmas Web Series Episode 1 Up Now

Jason Xmas Poster

What do you get when you cross a beloved Crystal Lake killer with the biggest commercial holiday? Well you get Jason Xmas of course! Ok, so the name isn’t all that clever, but at least it’s not Zombie With a Shotgun. Jason Xmas is a ten-part mini-series that has Jason …

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First Leprechaun Origins Clip Coming St Paddy’s Day

We’ve seen the Leprechaun go through some shit, we saw him pogo stick all over some dude, he went to the hood, to space, to Vegas, the vatican, and he managed to not get hypnotized by Jennifer Aniston’s nipples constantly poking through her shirt. Well, get ready kiddies, because in Leprechaun: Origins, …

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Only Lovers Left Alive Trailer

One thing I learned early on in my marriage is “happy wife, happy life” so when my wife saw the first trailer for The Only Lovers Left Alive and gushed about it, I knew I had to keep an eye on this movie. With that, I am happy to tell …

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Updates on Insidious 3 and Saw 8

Evan Dickson over at Bloody-Disgusting.com recently got the chance to sit down with writer/actor Leigh Whannell at South By Southwest and had the chance to speak with him, not only about his new film “The Mule”, he also updated everyone on the status of Insidious 3 and the possibility of a …

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The Last Door – Free Lovecraftian Point and Click Game

It’s no secret, we love video games. We love horror movies. We love horror movie video games. What could be better? How about The Last Door, a free Lovecraftian themed point and click adventure game?! The first 3 chapters are free to play, with the fourth installment available this summer via …

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Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Theaters This Summer

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which had its world premiere on October 1st of 1974, in Leatherface’s home state of Texas. So successful was the gritty tale of a cannibalistic family that the film was annually re-released into theaters beginning …

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Standout Horror Films of 2014 South by Southwest

Austin, Texas’ annual South by Southwest Film Festival, is in full swing (runs from the 7th through the 16th), and as always, the festival will see the premiere of a plethora of new horror films that will soon be on the radars of us fans, but that we probably haven’t yet heard …

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