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Top fives. Top tens. Top 100s. Think of them as bar discussion starters. Get to know what makes the ScareTissue staff and folks from the world of horror tick!

Best Casino Horror Movies

Cards Play Poker Card Game Casino Cube Gambling

The horror genre encompasses a lot of smaller niches. Once such very specific niche is casino horror movies. There are more of them than you’d probably first think. They have all the thrill, excitement and amazing bonus offers that you’d expect from a decent horror movie as well as all …

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ScareTissue Named Top 50 Horror Site!

Horror Movie Blogs

I’m thrilled to announce that ScareTissue has been named as one of the Top 50 Best Horror Movie Blogs on the plane by! The top 50 list (which you can find here) were ranked on following criteria: Google reputation and Google search ranking Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter …

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Top Game Related Horror Movies of All Time

Resident Evil

From spooky casinos to underground virtual realities, online and offline games provide an endless stream of creative inspiration to the creepy world of horror movies. Join us as we delve into some of our favorite game related horror movies of all time! Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) Resident Evil: Extinction is …

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Top Horror Movie Inspired Slot Machines

A Nightmare On Elm Street Slot Machine

Like most businesses, casinos are always looking for ways to attract a new group of gamblers. One way in which they can do this is with themed slot machine games or mobile pokies. Easy to design and a lot of fun to play, slot machines can be designed around popular …

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The Weevil Dead’s Top 5 Horror Movie Soundtracks

Aside from being a horror movie fan (understatement), I am obsessed with music. I have said in my Top Ten Horror Films that film score is something that really influences me, as it can make or break the movie easily. Along with a thematic score, I also take into consideration …

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Favorite Horror Films of 1933

King Kong vs Tyrannosaurus

Wanted to do something a bit different today and go back a bit further than we normally do… way back. The 1930s were an interesting time for Hollywood films. The pre-code era was something of a Wild West for cinema and few genres benefited more from the lack of scrutiny …

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Favorite Horror Films From 1987

Summer School Still

It’s been quite some time but I’m back today with the next of my Top 5 Horror Films lists. Today I’m tackling 1987 and as always it’s a difficult task. I never really remember just how many flicks come out in a given year until I look at the full list …

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Top 8 Hidden Horror Rooms

The Disappointments Room (2016)

Who could forget the famous Treehouse of Terror featuring Bart Simpson’s evil twin brother Hugo?  Or how the A Nightmare on Elm Street series featured not one but two secret rooms that Freddy hid his secrets? With the release of The Disappointments Room today, I got to thinking more and more about hidden rooms in horror …

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TheWeevilDead’s Top Ten Horror Films

The Weevil Dead

Want to know the top ten horror movies that are the go-to’s for TheWeevilDead? I thought you did. On my list you will find movies that are considered “trash.” You will also find some that are considered “classics”. Well my friend, one person’s trash is considered another’s treasure….. Without further …

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