March 20, 2023

DOOM Teaser spotted!

Doom_4_PhotoUnless you live under a rock, you know the annual Electronics Entertainment Expo, or E3, was this weekend in Los Angeles. Showcasing some of the latest and greatest in mainly video games. And since we all love horror and gore, we here at Who Goes there Podcast felt it was our DUTY to keep you in the loop about some of the best horror games announced this year.

This year Bethesda Softworks showcased The Evil Within  and while I was really excited for that, another game that I’ve been playing for YEARS has what appears to be a new sequel! That’s right, that game we all know and love, DOOM!!!!

While Bethesda didn’t have much to say or announce of this title, they showed a teaser trailer that gave me a stiffy from excitement. Just a small taste of what’s sure to come at Quakecon 2014!

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