June 18, 2024

L.C. Holt Joins the Cast of ‘On Location’

On Location - Coming SoonOn Location, the upcoming horror feature from LRB Productions, LLC, is proud to announce another addition to its cast.

L.C. Holt, best known for his roles in You’re Next and V/H/S 2 , will join the cast and take on the role of Ed.

On Location follows the story of six friends who start a business, providing guided tours to the shooting locations of the world’s most famous horror films. “Terror Trips” is thriving, until they find the one movie location where the horror is real.

Holt joins fellow horror veterans Hannah Fierman, best known for her role in the “ Amateur Night ” segment of the cult classic film V/H/S, and Damian Maffei, who is fresh off the set of Wrong Turn: The Foundation.

Maffei is also known for his role as The Devil in the recently-released Haunt, as well as The Man In The Mask in Johannes Roberts’ Strangers: Prey At Night.

Fierman revisited her role from V/H/S in Gregg Bishop’s Siren, and can also be seen as Sarah in 2018’s St. Agatha.

The film is also being produced by the legendary scream queen Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), which means that On Location now has four people involved with the project who have previously played a killer on-screen.

On Location will begin filming on March 23rd.

“I absolutely loved ‘You’re Next’, and it was a big inspiration on my screenwriting career,” said writer/director Jeff Seemann. “Adding L.C. to this cast is very exciting to me. I feel like this cast instantly makes the film better because of their history within the horror genre.”

For more about On Location check out the film’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OnLocationMovie


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