December 9, 2023

‘Monsters in the Woods’ Director’s Cut

Monsters in the Woods - Movie PosterDirector Jason Horton and Gas Money Pictures Release the Ultimate Version of Monsters in the Woods (Director’s Cut)!

Los Angeles, California: Director Jason Horton is set to re-release his indie feature Monsters in the Woods. Originally released in 2012, the film is slated for a showing on Amazon Instant in a Director’s Cut version. The new title is A Director’s Cut: Monsters in the Woods and this latest version has more never-before-seen footage! As well, the film has been re-edited, to show Horton’s truest vision of the film. It will be available in the first week of October.

The film’s story involves a film production crew. They are shooting a new, no-budget horror film, when attacked in the woods. They are forced to band together, to fight these creatures. But, they are woefully underprepared for this menace. Now, this shoot is way over budget!

This is director Jason Horton’s true vision of the film. He says of this final edit: “it’ll never be 100% the movie I set out to make, but this is the closest to that we’ll ever see.” Indie horror fans will be able to see his authentic version on October 4th. View it on Amazon Prime, for the Halloween season!

  • Release Date: October 4th (Amazon Instant) and 2017 (DVD, Blu-ray)
  • Director/writer: Jason Horton
  • Cast: Glenn Plummer, Lee Perkins, Curt Mega and Linda Bella

A Director’s Cut: Monsters in the Woods Synopsis

A low-budget film crew treks deep into the wilderness to shoot horror sequences for their unsellable indie-drama. They soon find themselves in the midst of their own horror show as they are hunted down real monsters.

Monsters in the Woods - Bloodied Monsters in the Woods - Still

For more information about A Director’s Cut: Monsters in the Woods check out the Facebook page:


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