June 18, 2024

One Up: An Extra’s Life on the Set of Fear Clinic

Fear Clinic ChairAbout a month ago, I was very excited to find out the Robert Englund was filming a new movie not far from my house (Fear Clinic).  As the Indiegogo campaign wrapped up, the cast was updated adding Fiona Dourif (Curse of Chucky, daughter of horror legend Brad Dourif), Thomas Dekker (Terminator:  The Sarah Conner Chronicles, Nightmare on Elm Street), and Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour lead singer).

I knew I had to be part of it, and made it so.

I was invited to be part of the movie by being cast as an extra in the public filming that took place last night.  Due to a confidentiality agreement, I cannot reveal anything about the movie, the characters, or the plot.  What I can say, however, is how great of a time I had working with Dry County Films and Fear Chamber Productions.

I met with a few other extras at an unnamed location.  I got to talking to them, and was right in my element as they were all as big or bigger horror fans than I was.  We all talked about how we got involved with the project, where we came from (There was one other local gentleman besides myself.), and (most importantly) how excited we were to be involved in the project.  We shared some laughs, and it was nice.

After being whisked away by Weasel (That was our driver’s name, and he is/was as awesome as his name implies.), we began seeing more and more of the talent.  Had a great conversation with a very down-to-earth Fiona, and talked to Cleopatra about the snow and deer in Ohio.  We even ran into Robert Englund at one point.  We were taken to our holding base, and shooting began.

Medina Gazebo

Our filming location was at a little diner (Eli’s) on Main Street Medina.  If you are unfamiliar with that area, it is beautiful.  Main
Street Medina is the historical section of the town.  In the middle of the area is a park with a gazebo that is lit with Christmas lights and a tree.  Lights hang from all over, and it is definitely a treat during this holiday season.  It will be a perfect antithesis to the events and tone of Fear Clinic.

Unfortunately, my scene was shot before anybody else’s.  The rest of the extras were brought in, and I was dismissed.  That meant I got to meet some of the talent on the street outside, and I got to go share drinks with them while we waited.  I sat quietly as a few locals talked to the cast (still not sure if they realized who they were talking to), and struck up a conversation with Kevin Gage.  (Kevin’s a great veteran actor who loved our Ohio weather after spending 35 years in LA.)

As each piece of the shot was finished, more and more extras began showing up.  I spent a majority of my time talking horror movies (or pimping scaretissue.com), and it was AWESOME.  I met the guys that run Fuzz on the Lens Productions, and we talked about their upcoming project with Tyler Mane (X-Men, Halloween).  I met with Harvey (a big fan of horror that now runs the movie’s official tumblr), and even got to brainstorm with him on some ideas.  I even got my coffee paid for by one of the actors (Thanks man!).  Throughout all of this, Denise (our handler) was just awesome.

We wrapped about 4 am.  It was snowing, and many of the cast and crew had never seen snow before.  One of the most magical parts of the evening was watching Angelina and various crew members reading the local press from Akron Beacon Journal.  By the time I woke up, there were 5 other articles.  They all had huge smiles and the excitement jumped off their faces as they read.

Fear Clinic has a buzz, and it’s gaining some good momentum.  I’d like to thank the cast and crew of Fear Clinic for putting up with me for the last couple days (hung out with Corey a little yesterday, saw a Robert Englund scene being filmed, you know….normal things.).  You’ve been wonderful hosts, and I’m looking forward to October.

You can get the latest news on Fear Clinic on Facebook (fearthecure), Twitter (@FearClinicMovie), and Tumblr (fearclinicmovie).


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