February 26, 2024

Sorority Babes Prepares For Production

Two villainous entities initiate gorgeous sorority babes, will any pledges survive? Party ’til you drop… dead! Sorority Babes will release on VOD by March 31 2024. Production starts mid-January. Steve Hermann of Acrostar Films wrote the script specifically for a group of indie horror “scream queen” actresses, and cast enthusiastically attached to the project, with Angel Nichole Bradford making her solo directorial debut.

Sorority Babes

About Sorority Babes

Starring: Lynn Lowry, Ann Myrna, Angel Nichole Bradford, Jessa Flux, Morrigan Thompson, Kelsey Livengood, Mia Katz, Ashleigh Amberlynn, Samantha Hupp

  • PRODUCER Ann Myrna
  • DIRECTED BY Angel Nichole Bradford
  • MUSIC BY Edward Grant
  • WRITTEN BY Steve Hermann
  • SFX BY Angel Nichole Bradford

Sorority Babes is being filmed in January 2024 in Central Illinois. A crowdfunding campaign offers ways for fans to become involved in the movie, visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sorority-babes-fun-short-horror-film#/

Sorority Babes - Acrostar Films

About Acrostar Films
Acrostar Films is an award-winning Chicago based film company and was born through the passion of screenwriter Steve Hermann / indie author S.J. Hermann wanting to adapt his books to screen. Hermann has been writing books since 2013 and has released nine to date representing over 11,000 downloads, with the tenth book currently in progress. Feature films include horror romance film Desperate Souls, 1950s sci-fi creature feature It Came from Somewhere, and feature film Attack of the Corn Zombies, all available on VOD; short films include In The Dark and Trepidity; web series include Morium and Blood Sisters. His genre of choice is horror and supernatural which allows his mind to create stories not only to make you think, but also to terrify you. Read more about Acrostar Films at https://www.acrostarfilms.com/. A Facebook fan group of over 5,000 people provides behind-the-scenes information including script excerpts, cast and crew introductions and shoutouts to supporters at https://www.facebook.com/groups/trepidityindiehorrorfilm

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