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ST Talks Clowntown Brian Nagel,CA Signing 10/15

ClownTown (2016)

Clowns. You love them.  You hate them.  You love to hate.  Strangely enough, they’re popping up all over the horror scene this year (Rob Zombie’s 31, Clown).  They’re popping up in real life.  Police all over the nation are warning people not to dress as clowns this Halloween because there are reports …

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Indianapolis HorrorHound Weekend 2016

HorrorHound 2016 Indianapolis (2)

I realized this morning that I never got around to writing my recap of HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis. Pip and I were in attendance and had an absolute blast. There were a SLEW of celebrities in attendance including David Aquette, Pam Grier, Michael Rooker, Tom Holland, Tony Todd. Robert Kurtzman and …

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ScareTissue Returns To HorrorHound!

2015 HorrorHound Indianapolis - Dream Warriors (original)

I’m thrilled to announce and Pip and I will be returning once again to Indianapolis in September for the annual HorrorHound Weekend! The event will take place Friday September 9th through Sunday September 11th and has a slew of guests lined up including David Aquette, Pam Grier, Michael Rooker, Tom …

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A Horror Fan’s Guide to Wizard World Cleveland

Wizard World is coming to Cleveland tonight, The biggest traveling comic con is delighting horror fans with its scheduled guests, and Scaretissue will be there to capture the fun! Wizard World produces Comic Cons and pop culture conventions across North America that celebrate graphic novels, comic books, movies, TV shows, gaming, …

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Wizard World Comic Con Comes to CLE Feb 20-22

Northeast Ohio is currently buried in snow and frozen in sub zero temperatures, but it is bracing for an invasion this weekend:  the 2015 Wizard World Comic Con Cleveland will invade the Cleveland Convention Center starting this Friday (February 20, 2015).  Comic Con Cleveland will feature many celebrities and artists …

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Fear Clinic – A Re-Imagining Of NOES?

Fear Clinic (2014)

There are quite a few films where the “undead” antagonist becomes something horrible after leaving this plane of existence.  The creature in Pumpkinhead II comes to mind.  In fact, it runs like a parallel story to Friday the 13th:  Jason and Tommy were just children.  Maybe it’s a Grudge-like incident that turns non-violent people into …

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From Dusk Till Dawn – The Oft Forgotten 90s Classic

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

When I popped in From Dusk Till Dawn this morning, something caught my eye that I never noticed before: Robert Kurtzman is credited as the writer.  Now, I’ve watched this movie probably 50 times.  That name finally registered this viewing, which sent me to computer immediately. In 1990, Kurtzman was part of the special …

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