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In The House Of Flies: Would You Survive?

In The House Of Flies

Director Gabriel Carrer and writer Angus McLellan hold back no punches in their film, In The House Of Flies. The thrill ride never stops – from the opening to the ending credits – this flick delivers! Steven (actor Ryan Kotack) and Heather ( actress Lindsay Smith) are shown as your …

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Rapture-Palooza – Horror? Who Cares? It’s Fun

Are apocalypse movies horror? I guess it really depends.  Something like 2012 that focuses on natural phenomenon really are just destruction porn, whereas biblical stories (such as Left Behind) have many horror elements.  There’s an unstoppable demon, and the torments presented are quite hellish.  There’s a pretty good story tucked in there as …

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FAVOR: How Far Would You Go For A Friend?

Favor (2013)

Director and writer Paul Osborne brings us a fantastic film about friendship, loyalty, self gratification and jealousy in the 2013 FAVOR. From the opening scene of the film the dramatics of manipulation unfold between the two characters. Kip (actor Blayne Weaver) and Marvin (actor Patrick Day) are shown sitting in Marvin’s living room …

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The Quiet Ones (2014) – Save The One, Save The World

The Quiet Ones (2014)

I was lucky enough to see an advance screening tonight of The Quiet Ones which tells the “true” story of Professor Joseph Coupland who conducting “The Experiment” on his subject Jane Harper.  It was directed by John Pogue and stars Jared Harris, Sam Claflin, Olivia Cooke, Erin Richards and Rory …

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Stage Fright – Horror Film Follies

Stage Fright

I was in my high school musicals. There.  I said it. The greenfaced, scary looking, horror film loving ogre known as Trapjaw was not just in one musical….but 3!  And guess what?  I had a pretty good time in them as well.  While the stage is quite serious, the backstage area …

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