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Phantasm II – Have A Ball With The Tall Man

Phantasm II (1988)

The term “horror” seems to cross many boundaries, and horror fans often argue what makes a good horror film.  Some fans want to be disturbed, and are not looking for a “pleasant” viewing experience.  Others disregard horror comedies, and others just want some kind of supernatural or slasher element to it.  I …

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Horror And Porn Collide In Lucky Bastard

Lucky Bastard

If all of the women woke up tomorrow and stopped doing porn, there wouldn’t be any porn anymore! The world of pornography is full of victims, stories of drug abuse, rapes, and broken dreams.  There are quite a few people that make a lot of money on it though.  Whether …

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Head Cases – Imitation of Wayne Montgomery is Deadly

Head Cases: Serial Killers in the Delaware Valley

Head Cases: Serial Killers in the Delaware Valley is a 2013 film written and directed by Anthony Spadaccini.  It tells the story of serial killer Wayne Montgomery (played by Paul McCloskey) who committed 41 murders between 1979 and 2007 and the legacy that he left behind.  It is the conclusion (?) of the …

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Rabid Love – 80s Horror With A Modern Day Twist

I love it when a movie mixes together various horror elements and has an original take on them.  How many zombie movies do we see recycling the same rules?  Romero zombies aren’t the only ones out there.  Freddy isn’t the only villain to sport cool weapons on his hands.  Mad …

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Hazmat – A Found(ish) Footage Slasher

The horror world was abuzz in late November when Paramount announced a brand new Friday the 13th installment. Immediately, speculation on where the film would pick up (or if it would be another reboot) began. But then, like an machete to the head, we were surprised to find out that the studio was …

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