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Favorite Horror Films From 1982

Creepshow (1982)

I’m back again today with the third in my “best of” series. Today’s list comes from 1982. You can check out my Top 5 Horror Films From 1980 and my Top 5 Horror Films From 1981.   I’m loving putting these lists together and have gotten a great response. Here goes! Chewie’s Top 5 …

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LGBT Themes In Horror

Last week’s Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage was something that had been coming for a long time.  At the time, 36 states had already legalized it.  Public opinion was in favor of it.  The question (more than anything) was “Could a state define marriage within its borders?”.  The …

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Favorite Horror Films From 1981

Scanners (1981)

I’m back again today with the second in my “best of” series. I started with my Top 5 Horror Films From 1980. I got a good response and really enjoyed putting it together so here goes! Chewie’s Top 5 Horror Films From 1981 All of these films received their theatrical …

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Favorite Horror Films From 1980

Maniac (1980)

I’m a big list guy. I love putting them together and I love debating them. I’m starting a new, hopefully regular, series here on the site where I’ll be looking at my favorite horror films through the years. I’m what they call a “child of the 80’s” as I was born …

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Return To Camp Crystal Lake

Oh, so you survived the first part? You didn’t throw your hands in the air and consider the previous 7 rankings a disgrace? You want more? Well, here you go! Here are what I consider the Top 5 films from the Friday the 13th franchise. (Remember 12 was least favorite …

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Welcome To Camp Crystal Lake

In honor of producer Brad Fuller getting his head out of his behind and agreeing that the next Friday will NOT be a found footage crapfest, I thought I would rank the Friday movies in order of my love for them. I thought this would be a good way for …

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Scaretissue Horror News App Now Available

Scaretissue Horror App 3

Tying social media together is a very difficult task.  Not only are horror sites expected to keep up on the latest films and horror news, but we also need to have a presence on other platforms like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.  Recently, we partnered up with the Who Goes There? Podcast …

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