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JP Mulvanetti’s Top Ten Horror Films

Night Of The Living Deal Girl

Nailing down a Top Ten of anything can be a daunting task, but trying to select just ten films from the entire horror genre is nearly impossible.  So what I’ve done here is to try just stick to films that really sum up the genre for me, and hopefully it’ll …

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The Rise (And Fall) Of the Erotic Thriller

Embrace Of The Vampire

The 1990s are not known for their horror movies (except the Scream series and a few notable exceptions).  It’s always been noted that (during this time) the MPAA was cracking down on the amount of blood and gore it allowed on the screen.  It also helped that series like Nightmare …

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Timeline: The Poltergeist Series

Poltergeist (1982)

In a horror movie franchise, often times, the opening installment is not the beginning of the story.  The franchises often take many twists and turns before either becoming something that never intended, fading out suddenly due to lost interest, or “returning to its roots”.  In this series throughout October, I’d …

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ST Interviews Actress Jamie Bernadette

Jamie Bernadette

I recently caught the trailer to Mile Marker Seven and was immediately hooked.  The film looks to be a cross of Evil Dead and the Thing.  As there is no official description for the film on IMDB or Facebook, I’m quite intrigued as well.  It’s currently seeking distribution, and I’m hoping to see it by …

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ST Interviews Torment Director Jordan Barker

Jordan Barker

If you haven’t caught Torment yet, then you still let your child sleep with stuffed animals.  Jordan Barker’s film premiered at the LA Screamfest last September, and was just released on DVD this week.  In the film, Katharine Isabelle and Robin Dunne plays newlyweds tortured by group of masked assailants. is …

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