Short Films

Don’t Despair (No Te Desesperes) 2015

Don't Despair

I’m back today on #ShortMovieMonday with a slick little film written and directed by Alfred Giancarli called Don’t Despair (No Te Desesperes). It tells the story of two obsessive collectors of serial killer memorabilia – also known as “murderabilia”. SPOILER ALERT: This review WILL talk openly about the plot of the …

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#ShortMovieMonday: Panic Attack Videos

With the death of Leonard Nimoy last week, I was suddenly rushed back to my childhood.  No…I wasn’t a big Star Trek fan, but one of my favorite shows was In Search of… (which was hosted and narrated by Nimoy).  In Search of… was a documentary exploring strange and supernatural events.  It aired from …

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Short Movie The Tour – Hostel Meets The Grudge

Christmas hangovers are the worst. After spending an entire week of planning for, celebrating, and recovering from Christmas activities, we spent the entire weekend doing nothing.  Of course I could have used this to catch up on screeners or work on my upcoming horror film post.  I could have even …

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