December 3, 2023

Eight Cylinders by Jason Parent

Eight Cylinders by Jason Parent

Eight Cylinders by Jason Parent is out now, and I was able to have the chance to review it from Crystal Lake Publishing. The best stories I have been reading lately come from indie publishers. It is so important right now to explore a publisher like Crystal Lake. Here you can find unique tales that are aligned to your interests!

Eight Cylinders by Jason ParentSeb, a gunman, is now on the run from a gang that for sure wants him dead. During the getaway Seb and his Dodge Charger find themselves somewhere outside of Las Vegas, due to the answers of a Magic 8 Ball. This isn’t your average crime thriller. What lies ahead in this pedal to the metal novella is a combination of Mad Max and something from the mind of H.P Lovecraft. You have some very mysterious characters, other worldly monsters, and lots and lots of ass-kicking. To me, this story reads like an 80’s paperback, in which the main character will hang out of the car window, guns blazing at whatever monster stands in the way.

Eight Cylinders is very cool for a number of reasons. The first being that the main character Seb is African American. In horror literature it is really great to see diversity in the story; Black, Brown, Asian, Hispanic characters all in this novella play a part. The plot wasn’t centered around it, but it adds something to the story when the author writes a character that the reader can see themselves in.

I would recommend this book for fans of fast-paced reads, in both a time sense and story sense. I read this in one sitting and it was a great way to escape reality for a little and go along for a wild ride through a Lovecraftian Las Vegas Hellscape. Doesn’t that sound pleasant? This is a novel where it feels like the music is on full blast, the monsters are at your car door, and you’re going 150 mph through the desert with no intention on stopping.

Thank you to Crystal Lake Publishing for this wonderful read!

Happy Reading!

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