May 26, 2024

Love At First Stab – Feature Based On Red Love

Love At First Stab 2Back in November, I reviewed a short film called Red Love which I really enjoyed.  You can find my review (as well as the full film) here – Red Love (2014) – An Effed Up Murderous First Date

Red Love tells the story of two serial killers who meet one another in the woods and ultimately fall in love.  After I posted my review for the short film, I asked writer / director / producer James McDougall to keep us in the loop about and future development or other projects he was working on.  I’m happy to report that he reached out the other day to share some news.

He’s thinking feature film…

Love At First Stab is a proposed feature adaptation of Red Love that follows the Judy and Sam who we met in the short.

Love At First Stab

Love At First Stab Synopsis

Love At First Stab is a genre bending horror/rom-com that follows a pair of charming psychopaths, Sam and Judy. The two serendipitously meet in the woods while attempting to kill each other, then embark on a romantic murder spree as they fall severed heads over bloody heels in love.

With their kill count count rising and cops hot on the trail, Sam and Judy’s honeymoon stage soon comes to an end. But the pile of mutilated bodies these two killers have collected is nowhere near as messy as the breakup they’re about to endure.

Below is the 60 second trailer for the film:

They are currently competing in Cinecoup trying to score a 1 Million dollar feature deal!

You can learn more about Love At First Stab at the following links:

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