April 19, 2024

Out of My Mind (2016) – Slip Into Madness

Out of My Mind Poster (2016)Out of my Mind is the second short film from the critically acclaimed actress/director Cindy Maples. It stars Rusty James (Maples’ real life husband) and Mina Fedora and tells the story of Carter, a successful mystery writer on the rise who fueled by alcohol, and a chance meeting with a beautiful woman in blue, finds his latest book flowing out of him during a midnight writing session.

  • Screenplay by Cindy Maples and Neil Kellen based on the story Drip Drip by John Cosper
  • Cinematography by Joe Atkinson
  • Lighting Design by Al Ponton and Lewis Chaney
  • Edited by Neil Kellen
  • Starring Rusty James and Mina Fedora, with Michael Diton-Edwards and Clint Calvert

Plot, Thoughts & Recommendation

This horror short running just over 15 minutes grabs hold and doesn’t let go. It’s clearly low budget which isn’t an issue (other than some small sound issues that are easily ignored) but that’s part of its charm. Mina Fedora (The Woman in Blue) is a break out star here and it has nothing to do with the fact that she bares all. She’s playing a character that’s obviously afflicted and that comes through loud and clear in her performance. She’s seductive and sexy when she needs to be and yet also manages to be scared (and scary) when necessary as well.

If the story revolves around Fedora’s Woman in Blue, the star is Rusty James. It’s his journey we’re following and he gives a very “true” performance. Who hasn’t fantasized about the pretty young thing sitting across the bar only to be woken in the middle of the to start writing their next great novel? Just me? OK… forget it. All jokes aside, the motions that James goes through do feel real and not forced by the script.

What I really appreciated about Out of My Mind was the fact that we DIDN’T get all the answers. Is Carter going nuts? Is he having drunk dreams? Are the events actually occurring? Has he made them occur based on his actions or his writing? The last scene answers some of those questions but leave it up to the audience to make up their own mind. That’s the mark of a good director and writer. Out of My Mind may not be the typical horror slasher flick we cover here but it’s certainly an outstanding mystery. It’s winning awards on the festival circuit for good reason. If you’ve got an opportunity to see this one take it. You’ll be glad you did.

Special thanks to Cindy for granting us access to her film – sorry it took me so long to get it reviewed!

For more info on Out of My Mind and director Cindy Maples check her out at the following links.


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