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Chucky & Jaws Merchandise on Sale Now From Fright-Rags

Chucky Fright Rags

News of a Child’s Play reboot broke last week, but Chucky remains one of the most iconic modern horror villains. Fright-Rags embraces the legacy with a new collection of Chucky merchandise. The company also rings in the summer with fresh Jaws apparel. Available in single wax packs, factory boxes, and …

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Limited Edition Chucky Box Set Up For Pre-Order

Fright Rags Good Guys Box Set

Are you a Child’s Play fan? Love that little, loveable Chucky? Here’s another great gift for yourself or the horror fan in your life from Fright-Rags. Fright-Rags’ CHUCKY collection honors one of horror’s most iconic villains Limited edition box set, shirts and posters up for pre-order Wanna play with Chucky? …

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Reader Poll – The Mount Rushmore Of Horror

Mount Rushmore Of Horror

As horror fans we all have our favorite characters and franchises. I’m also a big fan of lists. Whether they’re top 10 lists (like my Top 10 Horror Films) or discussions of who are the all time best horror characters I’m always up for the discussion. I was having a discussion …

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New Trio of Horror Toys from Mezco

Good Guy

Yes, more toys, big whoop, wanna fight about it?! Mezco currently has a bunch of sweet preorders up on their website for some killer horror toys. (See what I did there?) There’s 5 different Child’s Play figures alone, but we’re going to showcase three of the best! Check the comments …

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Dead On Appraisal – Gory Puppet Fun

Dead on Appraisal

The horror world needs more puppets. Dear God I miss films like Ghoulies, Critters, and nearly anything produced through the Jim Henson Company in the 80s.  Puppetmaster was pretty fun, and one of my fondest horror memories came courtesy of the Son of Ghoul show and the horror film Dolls.  Of course, who could forget our …

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Which Slasher Do YOU Want To Face?

Don’t go in there! If that were me… Dumbass. One of the greatest things about a horror movie is placing yourself in the same situations as the protagonists in it. I love it when people tell me there zombie survival plan because it only includes Romero zombies (destroy the brain). …

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