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Annabelle: Creation – Why Didn’t I Like It?

Annabelle Creation Poster

I love the Capitol Theatre in Cleveland.  I guess it’s because I’ve always read about how awesome it is to see throwback movies at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles.  The lobby is ancient and lacks the bright neon colors today’s plazas sport.  The bathrooms show the almost 100 years of …

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Out of My Mind (2016) – Slip Into Madness

Out of My Mind Poster (2016)

Out of my Mind is the second short film from the critically acclaimed actress/director Cindy Maples. It stars Rusty James (Maples’ real life husband) and Mina Fedora and tells the story of Carter, a successful mystery writer on the rise who fueled by alcohol, and a chance meeting with a beautiful woman in …

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Get Out – Let’s Talk about Race…

Get Out (2017)

Jordan Peele’s new movie Get Out is going to be difficult to review without discussing race, racial division, and how we treat each other in general.  As Peele managed to navigate the landscape quite brilliantly, I may not. That’s not coming from ignorance.  It’s coming from….ignorance (but without the stank I guess). …

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Lavender (2017)

Lavender (2017)

Lavender (2017) is as visually stunning as it is psychological. . . Official Plot: When a photographer (Abbie Cornish) suffers severe memory loss after a traumatic accident, strange clues amongst her photos suggest she may be responsible for the deaths of family members she never knew she had. Justin Long plays a …

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Girls Night (2017) – French Horror Short

Girls Night (2)

Girls Night (2017) is the latest project by writer and director David Teixeira. It stars Alice Nazare, Liliana Garcia (not Lilian Garcia of WWE fame… I checked) and Marina de Sousa as three girlfriends who stay home on Halloween for a slumber party that goes bloody wrong. Literally. Teixeira’s previous …

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Dead West: Road Trips & Serial Killers

Dead West (2016)

In this age of GPS locators, NSA surveillance, and cameras everywhere, I’m surprised that serial killers still can operate today.  Think about it:  If you ran into somebody without a past, no cell phone, and sticking to side roads when they drove while paying for everything in cash, you KNOW that …

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Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary (2017)

Trailer for The Path to Pet Sematary

Full disclosure: Pet Sematary is one of my all-time favorite horror movies, and by far my favorite adaptation of a Stephen King book. I’m hardly alone in this opinion; Mary Lambert’s 1989 masterpiece seems to garner a strong reaction from every horror buff, and simply screeching “Rachel!” may send a …

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The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2017)

The Blackcoat's Daughter (2017)

The Blackcoat’s Daughter: Starring Emma Roberts and Kiernan Shipka   Directed By: Osgood Perkins Written By: Osgood Perkins Produced By: Rob Paris, Adrienne Biddle, Bryan Bertino, Robert Menzies, Alphonse Ghossein Starring: Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Boynton, Lauren Holly, James Remar Release Date: Exclusively on DirecTV—February 16, 2017  In Theaters—March 31, 2017 Running Time: 95 …

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Devil Lives Here, The (2016)

The Devil Lies Here (2016)

Directed by Rodrigo Gasparini and Dante Vescio Starring Pedro Carvalho, Ivo Muller, Sidney Santiago, Clara Verdier The Devil Lives Here is the kind of movie that’ll make modern horror directors jealous. Sounds like a hot and steaming load of hype, right? Granted, it’s a pretty big claim, but it’s one …

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