October 4, 2023

Out of One’s Misery (2013) – A Stranger Is Coming…

Out of One's Misery (2013)When I reviewed Michael Sharpe’s Deviling earlier in the year, I asked him to follow up with me when his next project Out of One’s Misery would be ready for me to take a look at.  I’m thrilled to report that the time has finally come and man… was it worth the wait!

Once again, Michael Sharpe has produced an amazing looking piece of art that manages to tell a pretty enthralling tale in such a short time.  The running time on Out of One’s Misery is just over 15 minutes and in that time you truly do go on a journey with the small cast of four: The Father, The Mother, The Daughter and The Stranger.

I’ve been asked by the film maker to keep this a spoiler free review and I will absolutely respect his wishes.  What I will say is that this short really did reach me on many different levels.  As I’d seen Deviling I was waiting for “the twist” and was not let down at all.  Sharpe is a thinking man’s director and he’s developed a “think piece” that will do just that… make you think.  The film also reached me as a a father.  Knowing what Dad is going through allows the viewer to watch this on yet another level.

The cast here is superb and that includes director Sharpe who steps from behind the camera to play The Stranger.  Bravo sir!  Pat Dortch plays his role to perfection and Shelton and Tolleson do just what needs to be done to add depth to an already intense scene.  Special props here to Kayli Tolleson.  She does an outstanding job here in an amazingly accurate portrayal of a young woman in that situation.

Not a whole lot more to say here without heading into spoiler territory.  I’ve not seen a trailer yet but I’ll be sure to post one when Sharpe makes it available and will do the same when he’s ready to post the film.  Stay tuned to the film’s official Facebook page and to follow Michael on Twitter for all the latest.  Special thanks to Michael Sharpe for allowing me a sneak peak at his latest work.

UPDATE: The full film is now available here!

Have you seen Out of One’s Misery yet?  Leave a comment and let us know what you thought!


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